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Reckorder is an idea of aggregating useful tutorials from Marc Reck (aka Dj Narrative). Aside from a place to put any tutorials and tips that have been useful over the years, this website also aims to be support the reckorder project, both of which i hopefully will provide a useful resource to fellow music makers.

The basic idea was to set up a central place to share the useful and inspiring music production tutorials i found online. I always bookmarked anything that had answered a music related question over the years, so i figured having a central place could enable other people to access it as well. It also provides a place where people with better practices and alternative approaches can add their answers to the same questions, which if organised, may in time create an increasingly more useful resource.

Then i started thinking it could be useful to record the useful tips or workflows that come up in studio sessions and add any of my own tutorials or things i’d learnt to the mix. And that maybe housing it in some kind of project could be an interesting focus for my own developement, and in turn provide a place to collaborate with many of the musicians i was promoting at our Mr Elephant events.

Since then i’ve developed a lot as a composer / producer and got into learning about other digital media like film & photography. Im still very much a student and so this method of sharing whilst creating fits better with me. I dont want to put this out as any kind of definitive guide but more an idea of aggregating the content which has helped me move forward at various times over the years, and the increasing amount of stuff i get sent via other producers. I’ve grouped stuff together as a tutorial list to try and give some form to the mass of tutorials, and my hope is that there will be an even balance of content which is relevant to beginners and advanced. One day it may form something that is more comprehensive, but for now i think its a decent start and hope it proves useful to fellow music makers.

Aside from the tutorials, its also a way of giving form to the initial reckorder project. Its most likely to now be in line with my Dj Narrative project as i can forsee the content making up a live performance. We’ll see where it leads as am trying not to give it too much structure at this stage, but im going to base it on the original ideas. At very least that sub-site will provide a place where i can share the music im creating and hopefully share some useful things i learn along the way in an ad hoc fashion. At most it will be a big collaborative project which will result in an audio visual tour. Most likely it will be something in between. 🙂

Lastly this site is also a place to signpost some of the services i offer which help support my music and learning ambitions. I run music and dj workshops in various community settings and create music or put together soundtracks for community based arts organisations. I also build websites, and sometimes film & photograph events, so i’ve added a services page with reference links to my own site. I love doing all the above but my main focus is evolving my own djing and music projects, so i only tend to accept the more paid work when i need the money or if its for certain people or projects. Same applies to my events promoting, my djing gigs, radio shows & music reviews.

On a final and more personal note, a huge inspiration for all of this, (aside from my musical influences and family, lovers & friends,), comes from a man called Robin Ives. In the summer of 1995 i started visiting the Que Club & H.O.G in Birmingham & from the outset, knew that i blatantly wanted to dj, write and promote underground music. A week later I borrowed some belt drive decks, started djing and a few years later i started promoting, but i had no idea of how i could start writing this music.

Shortly after that first visit to the Que, I met Robin at a malt shovel sunday session and he offered to introduce me to this magical alchemy at his home studio in Shrewsbury. The studio housed an atari with cubase and a bunch of outboard gear, but very soon after, affordable pc’s and making music with technology became accessible. Over the following months he helped get me setup with it all, and over those following years he shared a wealth of useful tips and information, always on hand to answer my multitude of questions. In part this site is an extension of what he started 15 years ago, and if he were still here today he would probably be doing this with me.

So all that’s left is to say thanks for checking out the site! I very much hope that you find this site useful in someway and I heartily invite any fellow music composer / producers to add their knowledge or tips to the posts. Feel free to input if you have anything useful to share, and if you’d like to keep updated automagically drop your email into the monthly newsletter, which will contain a digest of the most useful posts, and any free tracks, remix parts or narrative mixes.


Update : The Reckorder Project was a separate site, but i’ve been running into web hosting issues a lot which i think is due to the themes inbuilt audio players, so i’ve moved everything over to this site and am using soundcloud for the player instead. Here is the about page pasted from the site.

Reckorder Project

The Reckorder Project is an idea i had when thinking about how i could get my head out of the sand for my music making.

I wanted to have a public place whereby i could post my ideas and workflow online, instead of keeping everything locked away on my hard drive until it was up the standards of music i would buy, which, being an obsessively driven / experienced multi-genre digging dj point of view, was a level that was out of reach… until recently.

Its taken me years to get to this stage, (and in some ways its really just the beginning), but i now feel i have enough understanding and ability about production, composition and arrangement to start this project off properly, I have built this websites to house it and I have developed my library, my studio setup, and my life situation in order to enable what i hope will be a productive workflow.

Despite all these necessary factors, one of the main factors that i need to address on a personal note is my fear about what others will think of my music. Like many creative people i guess it’s what drives and limits in equal measure, but either way, i figured the best way of dealing with that was to a) get the aforementioned necessary factors in place, and b) put stuff out there in a public ad hoc way as im working on it. This may or may not be a good idea, but im going to give it a go. 🙂

As a start to this i’ve just put out my first 11 track prequel album of early remixes to try and raise money for the victims of the Gaza / Isreal conflict. Its free to download and despite being put together from tracks that were created before i really understood production or arrangement, I’m pretty pleased with how its turned out, and people i’m inspired by have said some nice things about it.

Another part to this idea was collaboration and sharing useful information. I built a real nice home studio over the years in which to collaborate with a list of very talented musicans that i had had the pleasure to work with in my 10 years of promoting. The start of summer 2012 however (and the few months leading up to it) me and my partner moved onto a boat which meant i had to condense everything down to about the size of a table! Consequently my invitation of collaboration has now changed into a more online format (we move around a fair bit being on a boat), but i’m hoping that this site will help me develop collaborations with people, as i really miss that ever since my last collaboration with the multi talented Freear which gave rise to his increasingly awesome Slamboree project

The other idea for this project was to share those useful moments when you learn something in a session. They happen pretty much every time when you’re learning something you really love doing, and i thought if i can get them posted in some way as they occur, it might help others to move forward if they come across similar things, whilst creating an online reference that i can refer back to. This may be different with the new workflow and im not sure if it will get in the way, but i’m going to see how that goes. Either way i have created the Reckorder Website, which is a place where i aim to share any useful or inspiring music making tutorials online made by other people, and will be a place to post some of the highlights to this project.

The final thing to mention (i can go on a bit when writing these type things) is that despite being known as Marc Reck, my Dj & Producer Alias (as of 2013) is DJ Narrative. Its also a project that ive been researching and developing over the last few years in order to perform or create content that i’ve loosely described as “Dynamic Multi-genre Dj Sets & Productions combined with Storytelling, Narrative, & Expression. Its had real good feedback so far and i’ve worked very hard on all of the necessary preparation, research and development and on the content itself, all of which i make available for free

So here goes! Hopefully if this goes well i’ll be posting musical ideas as they happen, tracks in progress, photographs and films i make, & tutorials or useful things i find along the way, and at the end of it there will be a tourable audio visual album performance, lots of remix parts, and some helpful and useful content.

Subscribe to my rss feed if you want to join me for the journey, and the newsletter if you want the edited highlights & exclusive downloadable content.

Thanks for checking out my site and feel free to get in touch at any time.