Automated backup strategy from Resound

Ive been on a huge organisational sweep recently – starting at the end of september and involving every single part of my setup. Halfway through said sweep my hard drive crashed – for the first time ever (of any computer) – and ironically the day after reading this article!


It was my own fault – i was reading something on the hard drive – deleting something out the trash, moving something and then the computer stalled. After 3-5 mins of waiting i turned the macbook off by the power button and that was it. Had to buy new hard drives, couldnt recover the data – despite trying various software, and basically have been rebuilding ever since.

This wasnt actually as bad as it sounds as i had a backup from a month before and was able to pretty much get back to where i was. Plus it encouraged me to do a fresh install and explore the things i wouldnt have looked at like cloning, and firewire hubs for my backup drives. Now i have a carbon copy cloned hard disk, 2 backup drives and everything is a lot more organised. Time it has taken though, but i feel a lot more setup and secure which was something i didnt know how to address before.

The only thing i want to add to the excellent article by resound is using free file sync to backup externals (i dont use cloud backup and have 2 externals which are synced and used for video work now with firewire hub). And the replacement drives i bought are  toshiba 1TB 5400 rpm sshd hybrid drives from pc world which were about 80 quid. The 750 gig 7200 runs around the same or slower as far as i can remember so i feel pretty happy with what i could afford. When i have money i would love an ssd but thats a good while of.

Anyway here is Resounds article – a lot of which i incorporated into my own setup and is highly recommended to avoid lots of downtime.