Free Premium Tone Den Accounts for Life

There’s a few offers in my inbox and pages that i follow for this so i think it’s cool to share. Tone Den is a new service that that helps you share your music with other producers and hooks you up with a sweet site that packs all your social media into one place, and you can get a premium account for life courtesy of adapted or ill gates.

The biggest draw is their community feature, which has some really useful aspects to it:

1. If you get followed on ToneDen, you instantly get followed on SoundCloud

?2. Your posts are seen by 100% of your followers

3. You don’t have to compete with viral cat videos for attention

The premium version (which is available for free, for life via these codes) gives you advanced analytics, a custom website, and a professional press kit.

Here’s the offer from my favourite Glitch Hop label – Adapted Records – who i suggest you buy something from or at least follow them to say thank you.

“Hey Everyone,
We’ve teamed up with the guys over at ToneDen to offer you free accounts for life!
All you have to do is sign up at and email with the following message: “_adapted records + (your ToneDen account URL).”_”

0r the Ill Gates method is here – where you can support his work via his music, workshops, racks, packs and samples.