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This site is kind of a project idea and a kind of resource experiment. For both sides i’d like to invite anyone out there who’s interested in music making and production to get involved.

The first way is to add your own tips to existing posts in the comments. Undoubtedly there will be a myriad of alternative or more efficient ways than the one i found when searching online on a late night studio session. If you could write a few lines offering an alternative way then some of these posts may evolve into best practices. When theres a comprehensive resource of best practices, the site has more potential to become increasingly useful to new or developing producers. Worth a go at least.

Or if you have any tips yourself of anything you found useful in a studio session or online please do feel free to drop me an email with any links and pics you want attached, or if you’d like to contribute to the idea more regularly i’ll setup a log in.

The 2nd way is to collaborate on the reckorder project. I haven’t quite worked out the project at this stage, as the original idea was to arrange monthly studio sessions with a list of local musicians and producers that i’d compiled from my promoting work in Birmingham..And then i moved out of the studio onto a boat 🙂 Nevertheless i still think theres way that could be interesting to collaborate maybe in the form of remix stems, or guest posts or some form of the original idea. Probably a bit soon so just really noting ideas at this stage and will post more when it takes form.