Izotope Ozone 6 Advanced

Im a big fan of Izotope products. Having bought stutter edit, alloy 2, trash 2 and ozone 5. When i was at Xenophorm studios recently i was introduced to Dynamic eqs so was pretty excited to see it included as a module in the Ozone 6 previews.

Unfortunatly it was only included in the Advanced version which with an upgrade offer was still 300 odd quid. Izotope weren’t interested in reducing this in exchange for any kind of review but i managed to find a last minute solution literally the day the offer closed and went with the upgrade. Haven’t had time to play much with it, but i really like the workflow, interface and modules, especially the dynamic eq and the 3d insight analyser.

I bookmarked a selection of videos when deciding whether to go with the upgrade or switch to the excellent Fab Filter plugins. I decided that for the money id get a lot more modules for my money and with advanced they can all be loaded seperately and am happy with the decision. The videos are here for reference and i will do a more in depth post when i get chance after new year.

And here is a review on sonic scoop from a mastering engineer with real world examples