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More information about the more professional side of Reckorder for anyone looking for our Workshops & Music Services.

Reckorder Workshops –  Dj Workshops & Music Production Workshops for groups of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to create quality music or dj results quickly and easily, regardless of musical ability, or technical knowledge. Using a range of new music & dj technology & well planned engaging activities, participants get to hands on experience of all parts of the process and create, compose, arrange and produce their ideas quickly and organically, with inspiring results every time. Using a mobile studio, we can go into any environment, and participants get to experience the role of dj, musician, artist, and producer, by composing, arranging & producing, whatever idea they have and whatever directions their ears want to take them in. Its important to us that all participants get quality results quickly and our methods enable participants to create their ideas, using their creativity as opposed to a trained knowledge, which leaves participants feeling engaged, and inspired, regardless of their musical ability,  which can work with or provide an alternative to traditional music approaches.

On the music side, we also use a range of recording techniques in cross artform collaborations and workshops, which can be a seperate workshop in itself, or used in conjunction with our other services such as soundtracks, or used as part of music making workshops. Again we have found that our methods are engaging to a wide range of groups and abilities, such as special needs and primary, and are always tailor made to suit.

We have worked alongside leading arts organisations Dramask, Writing West Midlands Lyric Loungethe Corby Cube, and a range of artforms, such as spoken word, drama, film, theatre, visuals & mask performance. We have provided drop in workshops, production courses through to after school clubs and playschemes with a range of participants, including Special Needs, primary school, through to young people and adult. For examples of our work – please see the workshops category

Reckorder Soundtracks – A wide range of commissions ranging from a New Vibes Dance on Film piece in the Hippodrome through to a festival and events dvd for a county council, through to soundtracks for workshop theatre performances in educational and community settings.

We’ve also had many commissions working with Dramask creating soundtracks and editing audio which make up their drama, theatre, film and community performances, and have produced cds for organisations such as Bridge Arts and Music, and soundtracks from collected and historical material for Secret City Arts.

Film – In 2011 i began offering film and video services. Having filming commissions for the electric swing circus and The Corby Cube Slam, i’ve also documented my own Mr Elephant events with video and photography, (although it was only in 2011 when i obtained professional filming equipment). Then went on to use video and animation tools to create film and soundtrack work for arts and community organisations.

Website – I’ve been making websites for the last 10 or so years, for my own projects and 20 or so happy customers. As it’s a side income I consider work at suggested budgets to meet the needs of smaller projects. For more involved sites, which are out of my jurisdiction i always recommend the very best web developer i know. >