The 528 Solfeggio Scale

A highly subjective post this one, especially when you read the names of the sites which contain the information  – but very interesting i think and something id never heard of before. Before our standard tuning of A-440 there was a slightly different tuning which some schools of thought feel is more in tune with the natural frequency of things, and can have a physical effect. An interesting debate when you take into account the historical context, but also a very subjective one so i cant vouch for any findings one way or the other, but i did bookmark some bits i found online when reading about it so i thought id post them here for anyone who might be interested.



528 Tuner

YouTube – Intuitive Sine; music & Solfeggio 741 Hz & binaural beats
SYNTHESIZER RE-TUNING TO THE ANCIENT SOLFEGGIO: Part 1–Dr. Leonard Horowitz Interviews Michael Walton
The Importance of 432hz Music